Equipment requirements are as follows:

  • POTS- Plain Old Telephone Service or VOIP phone.

  • A home landline phone that connects to the wall.  

  • Headset with phone jack 

  • Headset with USB (for certification) 

  • Ethernet Cable 

  • A quiet place to work

  • Desktop computer

  • Dual Monitor

    • (required by most clients) 

  • HDMI Cord 

If you do not have these items, the links to purchase said items are available below. 

Desktop or Laptop 

You can use either a Desktop or Laptop to service any of client opportunity. The computer will need to meet a minimum spec requirement which is a Dual-Core CPU with 2.8GHz and 4GB’s of RAM with Internet Connection. You must be hardwired into the Desktop or Laptop using an ethernet cable. **MAC USERS**

Bootcamp Software must be installed in order to service. 


POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) is the simple telephone jack in your wall. VoIP is more modern and is being used more and more by your ISP (Internet Provider) which is providing you a Telephone Line over your Modem.

USB Headset

You will need a USB Headset that plugs into your desktop or laptop via a USB port. This will be your headset throughout all of certification courses and for coaching after certification. 

Dialpad with Headset

This is what you will use to service your calls redirected to you by your clients. They will be used in place of a telephone and be connected to your POTS or VoIP service by the cat3 cable. Please advise there should be no voicemail or hold option on the dial pad. 

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